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How Do I Get Stronger? | Scott Valley Fitness Center

How Do I Get Stronger?

Posted by on January 26, 2016

IMG_1844How do I get stronger? How do I increase muscle strength?

The American College of Sports Medicine recommends the following guidelines for strength training.

A. Resistance training should be progressive, individualized and be directed towards all major muscle groups.

B. One set of 8-10 excursuses that targets the major muscle groups 2-3days per week is recommended. Multiple sets provide greater benefits.

C. Each exercise should include 8-12 receptions per set. If you are new to exercise, reconditioned, older or more frail, start off with lower resistance with more receptions such as 10-15 to increase strength.

D. Strength is developed best by using heaver weights that require near maximal effort, with few repetitions. Muscular endurance is developed by using lighter weight with more repetitions. 8-12 receptions will provide improvements in both areas.

E. To improve upper body strength; progress up to 65% to 70% of the maximal amount of weight you can move through the full range of motion one time. For example, if the maximum weight you can bench press one time is 50lbs, then you would want to lift between 32.5lbs to 35lbs. 8-12 reps. To improve your lower body strength: Use between %75-80% of your one repletion maximum for resistance.

Our weight machines target all major muscle groups and are arranged in away that alternate from one major muscle group to another. In the main gym, weight stack machines can be adjusted between 5-10lbs. The knee machines in the back row can be adjusted by 2.5,5,7.7 or 10 lbs intervals.

Go slow, maintain good posture and count or exhale during the resistive phase of your repetition.


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